International Marketing Associates (IMA)

International Marketing Associates (IMA)


About Us

We've found a business that works the way we want to work.

We work in partnership with the top brands in today's marketplace.

We make our customers' lives simpler with the convenience of online shopping. We offer exclusive products from the industry leader in the online health and beauty market. We also enjoy a close affiliation with major national brands, including Dell™, Disney™, and many more.

Our business runs on a patented auto-replenishment system.

What you want, when you want it: Ditto® is an order management and delivery system that fills orders on a schedule that fits our customers' needs. As a customer, you control what you receive, and when you receive it, with delivery right to your front door.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us.

Contact: 770-997-2127 or 770-900-0631


Jackson & Sandria Smith

Jackson is the former Manager, Aviation Security, Federal Aviation Administration, (FAA), but now develops this business full time.
Sandria was a former Personnel Management Specialist, Small Business Admin., (SBA), but she resigned years ago to become a full time business owner.

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